Branding / Design / Videography / Web

For LaneSight,  we created a full brand identity suite which included: logo, business card, letterhead, cycling jersey, website and a digital kiosk.

The LaneSight system helps warn cyclists of vehicles approaching from the rear. It is a product that helps people be safe and feel safe. People have a need and want to feel safe. This is a strong emotional connection that can be made with this product. So we made sure this was conveyed by the logo and materials so people would make this connection on a subconscious level. First off, the color yellow is connected to safety, and this make it easy to spot and find on a shelf as a product that adds security to the users life. The road “S” in the logo represents an open, clear and safe road to travel (because the system is warning you). It also represents the view behind you that the camera sees as it is protecting you. And lastly, this leads into the tagline of “We’ve got your back” which emphasizes the feeling of safety users will have when using the product.