Whether the film “Secret” works: how to fulfill your desire without a desire card

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Popular bloggers and the film “Secret” say that it is important for the fulfillment of desires to make the right request to the universe, and then it will certainly respond. But is this enough? And how to fulfill desires and achieve goals to those who are more pragmatic and not inclined to believe in mysticism?

6 life hacks for those who strive for success

Daria Vasilieva-Internet marketer

1. How to find your profession

When I studied at school, I still did not know anything about the profession. I’m not even sure whether it existed at that time, but it certainly was not in the results of tests for career guidance. Thinking on the topic “I want to become”, I considered the opportunity to learn both a lawyer and a journalist, but everything was not that, the internal “light” did not light up or quickly went out.

Once I read an interview with decl (Kirill Tolmatsky), in which he said that he was fond of web design. This is what combines creativity and work on the Internet. Inspired by this, I entered the faculty “Computer Science and Computing Technology” in the Izhevsk State Technical University for the specialty “Systems of automated design, ergonomics and design”.

When studying at the university, unfortunately, there was no design. We mainly were engaged in programming. But I was lucky: in parallel with my studies, I got a job in an it-studio by an office manager. I prepared coffee boss, delivered a correspondence and helped updating content on sites (news, articles, etc.). After receiving the diploma, I was offered to engage in Internet advertising. Of course, I gladly agreed.

Lifehak # 1

Catch your feelings and trust them. Run the claw – then then the hand will get bogged down.

2. On the benefits of moving and changing space

Izhevsk is a very measured life. And at some point everything became so measured that, waking up on Sunday in the area of dinner, I realized: I have nothing to do at all. On weekdays it was more fun than on the weekend, because on weekdays there was work. On that Sunday, I read the book of Paolo Coelo Alchemik, in which the main idea sounded like “Go for your dream”. It so responded to me!

I plunged into myself, my desires and realized that I want to move to a metropolis and build a career and personal life there. By that time, tickets to Moscow were already bought from me, where I planned to go on vacation. I placed my resume on Head Hunter, and also wrote in the company that was interesting to me. I agreed on three interviews, arrived, went through and received a job in the Internet media holding, where I met my husband in a year. And everything spun.

Lifehak # 2

Change the usual space and rhythm, especially if in the current conditions you are uncomfortable. This is the only way to come a new. There is no new road in the old rut.

3. And make a desire, and work hard for him

I am charged with energy when I have a goal. And she was repeatedly convinced: when you know what you want, and you are not lazy (important!) something to do for this, you get it. When there are no aspirations, life begins to resemble a swamp.

The question that is often asked at interviews is “who you see yourself in five years?”, In fact, you need to set yourself more often to yourself. He can take various forms: “How I will or I want to look?”,” Where will I or I want to work?”,” Where will I or I want to live?”,” What car will I or I want to drive?”.

Reflecting, reflecting, we reveal our desires, focus on the important for us

For example, before I got a job in the most famous network of fitness clubs in Russia, I made this place of work. Not a specific company, but the fact that I want to work as a DJing-manager in fitness. This company has become the best implementation of my desire. I saw a vacancy, responded, no one answered. Then I found direct contacts, wrote there.

After about a month they contacted me. In interviews and in the preparation of a test task, I laid out by 150%, and they took me to work. That is, they took it not because I made it up, but because I worked great to get this position.

Lifehak # 3

Wish, fantasize, dream, and, most importantly, correspond to your desires – hard work and perseverance help them to be fulfilled.

4. How a horse helps to expand the comfort zone

In my opinion, only those people who are ready to expand their comfort zone achieve success. And this is always scary and difficult, but lends itself to training. For me, the main practice of expanding the comfort zone was riding.

I am afraid of height, speed, lack of control – all that you feel when you sit on a horse for the first time (it is tall, fast and on your mind). I have been doing a way out for five years, I go well for my level and feel that my inner rod has also been strengthened over the years.

I believe that riding riding is a full-fledged business training. Here you are fully honing the art of management – if you do not show who is the main one, the animal will do what is convenient for him. Horses feel very clearly whether the rider is a leader or can they be lazy.

If you know how to “agree” with the horse, you are definitely a leader

And of course, riding riding helps to cope with stress perfectly – during class, the head turns off from what is happening, because you concentrate on yourself and on a horse. For example, when you run or swim, you can think about something else in parallel, but during riding it is excluded-only you, a horse and a coach.

Another example that can find wider application is public performances. When the pandemic began, at work we launched a series of training webinars for Internet marketing for sales

Znásilnenie je najbežnejšou ženskou fantáziou. Predstavte si, ako vás človek núti mať sex, viagra pre zeny vzrušuje. Ženy však toto násilie vôbec fantastické. Kľúčovým bodom je cítiť silu človeka a cítiť sa ako obeť, ktorá nie je schopná odolať. Je to sexy.

(about 40 people).

I remember how worried about her first online training, which she herself prepared, despite the existing experience in conducting presentations and public performances. Unlike offline events where you see the audience and her reaction, you had to speak in silence and into the screen, on which only your slides was very unusual. But each next training was easier.

This year I also spoke at a popular industry conference, already on stage, in offline format. It was exciting, but thanks to the preparation and rehearsals, they managed to cope with excitement, and the performance was good.

Lifehak # 4

Go to where you want, but scary! Then it will become familiar, and more ambitious goals – more achievable.

5. About mentors and investments in themselves

Mentors, mentors, psychologists, coaching are not just fashionable words, these specialists can really help. I met Coaching for a very long time. At that time, my ex-college received an appropriate education, and she needed practice. I agreed to work with her, especially since it cost almost nothing. My requests concerned mainly work, but we also discussed personal life. I remember the feeling of euphoria when you find an answer to some important question for the session. After she became an experienced coach, we began to work on a commercial basis.

Now I continue to work with mentors. I have a career consultant with whom I sometimes analyze the complex cases that arise at work. Of course, you need to pay for this, and you should always remember that this investment will pay off. As a rule, it pays off in a multiple size – you either become a more valuable employee and get an increase, or, at least, save money on sedatives, because you are not trying to mask the problem, but solve it.

Now they also apply to me for advice on Internet marketing. I am happy to share my knowledge and plan to continue to develop mentor.

Lifehak # 5

Work with mentors and become mentors. The exchange of experience and knowledge charges with energy and brings us closer to goals.

6. About routine, burnout and Work-Life Balance

It’s very simple to burn out, especially when you work in Internet marketing, especially when this direction is gaining more and more popularity and every year you need to be faster, higher, stronger, smarter and so on. No matter how interesting the work is, there is also a routine in it, like tasks that you do not want to do, and people with whom you do not want to communicate.

It is very important to carefully monitor yourself and go on vacation in time, turning off the mail on the phone and “losing” the working laptop. Salvation of drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves, and only we ourselves (not the boss and not the husband) must monitor the level of our batteries, giving the body a timely rest, changing the picture. Vacation is a necessity and a source of inspiration, especially if it is carried out correctly.

Lifehak # 6

Learn to relax and make up for energy. Plan a vacation and restoration in the same way as your affairs – with all responsibility.

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